Lower Back Pain and How to Find Relief

Lower Back Pain and How to Find Relief

Chiropractic Back Pain in Altoona IA

Do you have low back pain in Altoona? Studies show that nearly 85% of adults will experience low back pain in their lifetime. The statistic is staggering but there’s good news! Below I’ve identified some of the main types and causes of low back pain and given proven methods of relief. At Dawson Chiropractic I want to treat and educate you in a way that will translate to fewer appointments in our office for you. Though I love seeing my patients, my ultimate goal is really to set them up for success with helpful tips they can do at home to spread out the time between adjustments.


1) DISC– The low back pain may be caused by a bulging disc. The discs sit between the vertebrae and help cushion and protect your spine. Whenever we turn wrong or lift improperly, our disc can bulge and put pressure on the nerve. That pressure on the nerve can cause low back pain as well as radiating pain down into the leg.

2) FACET SYNDROME AND MUSCLE STRAIN– If the low back pain isn’t radiating down into the leg and can be described as constant or consistent discomfort, most likely it is due to misalignments of the spine as well as hypertonicity of surrounding musculature. This is usually caused by repetitive stresses either at the workplace or improper ergonomics.

3) OTHER– There are many other conditions that may cause low back pain that can only be ruled out upon examination. If you are experiencing low back pain or have been for awhile, the earlier you get into the office the better it will be for you. More often than not, when we treat your pain conservatively, you’ll see a marked difference quickly. If you wait too long, however, there is a chance you can aggravate the injured part of your spine, which could mean more appointments in the end.


1) JOB– Whether your job is very physically demanding or you are sitting at your desk all day, a faulty posture or improper lifting will cause spinal misalignments and low back pain. Particularly if either one of those is repetitive in nature, your spine can only handle so much!

2) BAG, PURSE OR BRIEFCASE- If you find yourself constantly wearing your items on one side, your spine will have misalignments reflecting that! Although it seems like a simple idea, switching which side you wear your items on or going for a wheeled briefcase will go a long way in easing your pain.

3) WEEKEND WARRIOR– It could be a weekend slow pitch softball tournament or a weekend of Iowa Games, but if you don’t train beforehand, you are bound to get muscle soreness and spinal misalignments.


At Dawson Chiropractic, I don’t just believe in treating the pain after it’s come on. I believe in a three step approach that, when combined, will stop pain before it starts. If you’re already feeling low back pain, it will treat it and keep it away!

3 tools to improving spinal mobility: Chiropractic adjustments, stretches and strengthening exercises.

How I do that:

1) I first adjust the bones that are “stuck” and not moving properly.

2) Then I check for muscle imbalances and address the tight muscles by breaking up adhesions within the muscle. I do that by using active and passive release techniques.

3) I show you stretches for the tight muscles and exercises to strengthen your core and other weak muscles.

Once you are pain free, I recommend 1 or 2 check ups each month to make sure your spine stays in proper alignment and adjust any stretches or exercises accordingly to prevent your pain from reoccurring.


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