Frequently Asked Questions-Are All Patients Adjusted the Same Way?

Frequently Asked Questions: Are All Patients Adjusted the Same Way?

Chiropractic FAQ in Altoona IA

“Are all patients adjusted the same way?” Is another question I get asked frequently at Dawson Chiropractic in Altoona. Let me break that down for you.

The short answer is: No! Our bodies are all uniquely designed and the way we live our life greatly affects the needs of our bodies. It would be out of the question for me to treat each patient exactly the same, especially without really evaluating the patient’s actual needs.

This is why your first visit to me will be a little longer. I do basic un-invasive testing to see which parts of your body are showing signs of misalignment. If X-rays or some other more extensive testing is needed, I walk through why I believe that.

Once I get a clear picture of what I’m working with, I evaluate which kind of method(s) I’ll be using to help with the adjustments. I have various tables and instruments that allow for all kinds of patients such as elderly, pregnant or unstable to be adjusted safely and comfortably.

Finally, I develop an individual plan. I compare this to your medical professional you might see for other health related issues. If you go to your family practice MD with a virus, you won’t receive much treatment. If you show up with strep throat your MD will probably prescribe a low dose antibiotic and a plan to get you healthy as soon as possible. If you come in with a fractured leg your health plan will probably require more medications, surgery, etc. It’s the same for chiropractic care. If you are generally in good health with only minor aches and pains, you will require far less appointments and adjustments than someone who has just been through a traumatic event (like a car accident, for instance.)

Furthermore, I re-evaluate often so that I can make sure I’m continuously doing what your body needs in that moment rather than what it needed a year or so ago. As you age your body changes so it’s important your individual plan changes with those needs.

If you have any questions about my evaluations or how I come up with each plan I would be happy to answer. Just give the office a call at 515-967-3007


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