Elbow Pain Stretches and Exercises

Elbow Pain Stretches and Exercises

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Do you have elbow pain in Altoona? Are you taking huge divots when golfing and end your game with elbow pain? I may not be able to help you with your swing, but I can help you with the pain!

If you are feeling pain, you may be experiencing medial or lateral epicondylitis (also known as “tennis elbow”). Lateral epicondylitis is more common and it is associated with pain and inflammation on the outer side of your elbow where muscles/tendons attach to the bone. If you are experiencing pain when you extend your wrist (bring wrist back) you may have this condition. It is commonly associated with repetitive occupational or sports activities that require wrist extension.

Medial epicondylitis isn’t as common. It affects the inside of the elbow and is involved with muscles and tendons that flex the wrist.

Both of these conditions can be very painful and it is important to get proper treatment before it develops into a chronic recurring problem.

If you are experiencing pain/tenderness/weakness:

-on inner or outer part of elbow

-with twisting motions such as golf, tennis, baseball or using a screwdriver

-pain with gripping objects

-pain in elbows/wrists while on computer

-pain with lifting

If you are experiencing elbow pain, try these simple stretches:

Wrist Extension-
Place palm on table or chair and keep elbow straight. You should feel a stretch on the inside of forearm. Hold 30 seconds and repeat

Wrist flexion-
Place back of hand on table or chair while keeping elbow straight. You should feel a stretch on the outside of forearm. Hold 30 seconds and repeat.

Once you have relief from the pain, try these exercises to help prevent its return. Try with a 5 pound weight.

Wrist Flexion- Place back of forearm on table or chair with wrist off the edge. Slowly curl your wrist up. Do 5-10 repetitions.

Wrist Extension- Place front of forearm on table or chair with wrist off the edge and Palm facing towards floor with weight in hand. Slowly extend wrist. Do 5-10 repetitions.

Pronation/Supination- Place forearm on table of chair with wrist off the edge. Slowly rotate hand back and forth while keeping forearm on chair. Do 5-10 repetitions.

Keeping your joints healthy is so important for an active lifestyle. If you have been experiencing chronic pain, call the office as soon as possible so we can make sure there isn’t any lasting damage. Good luck!

If you need to get checked. Call the office (515) 967-3007 to schedule your appointment so we can discuss treatment plans and preventative measures.

Let’s get you back on the course pain free!

-Dr. Dawson


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