How Chiropractic Can Help with Knee Pain

How Chiropractic Can Help with Knee Pain in Altoona

Chiropractic Knee Pain in Altoona IA

Do you have knee pain in Altoona? Pain in the front of the knee is very common among weight lifters, athletes, weekend warriors or just your weekend snow shoveler. There are many reasons that one may get knee pain but most can be traced back to poor joint mobility, tight or weak muscles due to inactivity or poor biomechanics.

One of my patients came in to the office with anterior knee and upper thigh pain. This patient had a fall almost a month ago but didn’t develop any pain until last week. The patient could no longer lift her leg when sitting or lying down. She had also started using a cane because she felt off balance due to her leg injury. After a quick exam we ruled out any serious injuries to the back and leg and were able to start her down the road of healing.

After my initial assessments I was able to find areas requiring adjustment to realign the hips and lower back. After the most important part was finished, I worked on knee traction and adjusted the knee as well. Finally, we focused on the tight muscles of the quadriceps, IT band and hip flexor. After a few treatments, she was able to lift her leg without pain and began walking without the cane again. She is still not at 100% yet but she is feeling better with each appointment and her body is responding really well to treatment.

There are many causes to anterior knee pain. If you or someone you know has knee pain, get into the office soon so we can figure out what is going on and get you back to being pain free! (515) 967-3007

Next week I’ll show you exercises and stretches to help with knee health.


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